Native Advertising

Native Advertising - What is it?

It’s actually here already, but you may not know it yet. You probably

don’t know what it’s called, you may not know what it looks like, but

you’ve more than likely experienced it yourself. This is the beauty of

Native Advertising.


Native Advertising is:

Sponsored content, which has a relevancy to the consumer experience, is not

interruptive, and looks and feels the same as the editorial environment that it is

delivered in.

People now more than ever want to actively engage and interact with brands online.

The tech-savvy generation perceive Native Advertising as much more appealing

than traditional digital ads; they get most of their news online; social media is hugely

important in their life and they generally see online advertising in a positive light.

The preference for Native Advertising is not just about age per se it’s about a

generational shift which is just beginning and is set to have long lasting effects.

At the heart of Native Advertising is great content that people want to consume,

want to read, to share, comment on and interact with.


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