Digital Alerts - The Breaking News Advertising Format

Engage with your local audience in real time, around Kent & Medway, with our exclusive KM Digital Alerts advertising format.

  • Get your message out fast to our ever growing mobile audience in your local area within Kent & Medway.
  • Our exclusive scrolling messages engage with your local mobile audience in real time.
  • Opportunities to "time band" your messages so that they appear when your business needs them to.
  • Use direct "calls to action" to get your local audience to engage with your business.
  • No time consuming artwork or creative! All your business needs is a logo and 140 characters of text.
  • Gain a click through to your website or utilise our click to call service.

Digital Alerts are designed to be used in short bursts of activity to get your important business messages out to market FAST!

We have all seen the breaking news scrollers at the bottom of BBC News or Sky News the KM Media Group is offering this option to ensure your important business messages and opportunities are put in front of our large audiences quickly. 

For more information on how you can advertise in Kent & Medway for as little as £50 per week, please click on the Contact Us button, and get in touch.


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