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Social Media can make a difference to your business!

Posted by kmdigitaluser on July 30, 2015


It seems the major buzz word in the county, amongst businesses is Social Media. Here at KM Digital Solutions, we are constantly asked, “How can we use Facebook to promote our business” or “I would like to do Twitter but I don’t know where to start.” Social is truly part of the future of engagement.

So here, we give you five great tips to start your “Social” journey.


Don’t be something you’re not  

The old adage is that people buy people! Your social media shop front allows you to create fans of your business by showing them examples of how you engage with them, showing the human side of your business, and also by providing fantastic examples of your stunning customer service. Make sure you conduct yourself on social media as you would conduct yourself with someone who was standing in front of you.


So many different social media platforms

Finding the correct platform is crucial for you. Obviously, you don’t want to be posting on social media that does not contain your target audience. Facebook and Twitter contain a wide range of different audiences, whilst platforms such as You Tube and Vine allow you to present video to the audience you seek. A lot of businesses we speak to disregard Facebook. However, as you see below, the audiences are huge, very targeted, and can be a very quick way to engage in your locality.




Sell Sell a big no no no!

The mistake that most businesses face is the compelling desire to just post messages that are commercially focused. We all love a good deal don’t we? However, think about any high street in the United Kingdom. We are surrounded by 25% off here, and buy now deals. Social Media allows you to educate your audiences. I saw a really good piece recently that told me what I should be doing for my car in winter. If you provide useful information then your business will be deemed a thought leader, and become trusted, leading to more sales of your services and products.


Stay calm...and post!

We all know in business that to keep the till ringing, to keep people aware of our brands, we have to keep signposting to our business, we have to keep talking to our audiences. Social Media is no different. Humans are fickle, we get bored. Keep posting to your people; keep giving them reasons to be a fan of your business. I am not saying post every minute of every day. Tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck allow you to schedule posts once a day if need be. Facebook also has its own scheduling system so you don’t have to worry about being on social media 24 hours a day.


Social Media is the new word of mouth

Having fans of our work is fantastic isn’t it? People cannot help but talk about great service they have received, about how good the product is. They generally use social media more and more to tell us all how good (or bad) a service we have provided. If your business is consistently good then you will gain more and more fans of your business, and they will spread the word for you.


For further information on how you can become "SOCIAL" then click on the contact button above and let us help you get there.


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